The Truth about Paint Protection Film Tesla

Fick’s Auto Detailing has the experience to protect your new Tesla. The Paint Protection Film will keep your Tesla looking like new while saving you countless hours, not just right now but down the road too!

How will Paint Protection Film Tesla keep my Model S, 3, Y or X looking new for years to come?

The Film we offer STEK Paint Protection Film is the best solution for protecting your new Tesla. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear polyurethane film that can absorb impact damage and stop rocks from chipping away at it, you’ll never have to worry about what happens while driving. 

STEK offers a 10 year warranty making it an affordable option in the long run as well. You can drive with confidence knowing your vehicle is protected and not need to worry about damaging it every time you get behind the wheel.

Why does the paint on the Tesla get chipped up so easily?

The car market is rising faster than we have ever seen. You would think the paint should be much better for the price you’re paying right? Wrong. The clearcoat we see on vehicles is much thinner than it has ever been. This means that your Teslas paint is more weak and prone to chipping over time just due to the fact the paint is so much thinner. We also see another common problem on Teslas specifically. The low ride height combined with large, flatter front ends makes them much more susceptible to damage by flying road debris. 

The wheels on Teslas, they stick out beyond underneath the body panels of the car. This could possibly send any flying debris hurdling down the side of your paint job at 100 mph. 

How does Paint Protection Film Work?

Paint Protection Film is a thick 8 mill layer that assists in protecting your tesla from everything the road has to throw at it. This film is made up of a few layers but there’s really only two that you need to know about. The first layer is a scratch and puncture resistant layer that will help prevent scratches, rock chips or any mild abrasions. Then there is the top coat, this is a liquid infused nano ceramic top coat that will act just like all of our Ceramic Coatings we offer, but this ceramic coating is an infused layer on Paint Protection Film. This top coat is going to make your vehicle easy to clean, give it amazing gloss and protect your film from chemical stains, bug etchings and much more. 

In order to protect your Tesla from everything the road has to throw at it, like rock chips & scratches; we always recommend installing paint protection film by Fick’s Auto Detailing. This will provide a virtually invisible layer on top of your paint that can handle anything that gets thrown at it while keeping your Tesla looking brand new!

When it comes to Fick’s we want to make sure we are providing the best Paint Protection Film installation possible. In order to do this we need to make sure we are using all of the best cleaning & decontamination processes possible. This is the most crucial part to ensure your Paint Protection Film not only last but looks amazing at the same time. We make sure everything is completely stripped off the car by using many different chemicals and techniques like the use of a tar remover, iron remover, clay bar and a polish of the paint to ensure there is nothing that will mess up the installation. 

We can also install our Ceramic Coatings with Paint Protection Film. We recommend our in house coating SB3 Ceramic Coatings.

What areas on my Tesla should I be protecting with paint protection film?

Tesla owners’ new cars are very important to them. They are in the wave of a new revolution in cars, Tesla is creating a beautiful, sleek, eco-friendly car that you can still enjoy a 0-60 in anywhere from 2.00s – 5.6 seconds, it’s no wonder you love this car! 

You want to protect your new Tesla and give it the extra layer to prevent damage from rock chips & scratches, while PPF is not a one size fits all, our Full Front PPF package is what 9/10 customers choose for protecting their new vehicle. This is going to protect everything on the hood, bumper, fenders and mirrors. If you do a lot of highway driving it is also worth considering our Highway PPF Package. 

What is self healing paint protection film?

Our Stek Paint Protection Film has a self-healing top layer. This means that scratches, swirls & mild abrasions will typically disappear when the vehicle is exposed to the sun. The PPF we offer will keep your Tesla looking brand new for years to come. 

This is the truth about why paint protection film (PPF) is so important

The investment into Paint Protection Film (PPF) is very important because no matter what you do your Tesla will eventually become chipped & scratched, unfortunately this just happens with everyday driving and washing. If the paint gets chipped up enough you will have to take it to a body shop to get it re-painted. This will decrease the car’s value by thousands. The painted panels will never match OEM paint. This will create a noticeable difference in the way your Tesla looks and is something that you want to avoid at all cost. 

It will always be cheaper to replace PPF on a panel instead of having it painted by a reputable shop. When you take it to a reputable shop it will cost thousands and will usually have to be blended into another panel which will only further increase the cost.

When you come to Fick’s Auto Detailing, you are dealing with a shop that is not going to out source work to a low quality vendor. We do all of our PPF installations in house and your vehicle is safe with us the entire time we work on it. We will be installing exactly what you need to protect your Tesla and keep it looking new using our industry leading cutting machine & customer paint protection film patterns. 

When you come to Fick’s Auto Detailing, we do all of our work in house. We would never outsource any work to a low quality vendor like other shops may do to make a quick buck. We keep the vehicle safe within our facility and stays there the entire time we work on it. We will install industry leading Paint Protection Film and allow you to protect your Tesla and keep it looking new using our industry leading cutting machine & custom PPF Patterns. 

Your Tesla deserves the best protection and we know that Paint Protection FIlm is not something you take lightly. We take all of our PPF installs very seriously, we hold the highest quality of craftsmanship and if we don’t like it we will always make sure we try till it’s to the highest quality possible. We will do everything in our power to make sure the job is done right the first time so you can avoid making several trips, because we get it. Your time is valuable. When looking for somebody to install you should look for a shop that chooses extreme high quality over speed when applying Paint Protection Film on your Tesla. 

Fick’s Auto Detailing will be happy to meet you at the Tesla Dealership in Troy MI, Clarkston MI and even Grand Rapids MI.

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