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It’s no secret that cars are expensive. You have to pay for the car itself, insurance, gas, and maintenance. All of these things add up quickly! But there is one thing you can do to save a lot of money on your car- get a ceramic coating! Ceramic coatings last much longer than conventional paint jobs, and they’re also easier to maintain.

Every car enthusiast wants their car to look good while driving down the road. Whether it’s a daily driver or a show car, there are some simple things you can do to keep your vehicle looking great for years to come.

What is ceramic coating, and how does it work?

Ceramic coating is a thin, transparent film that is applied to your car’s paint. It works by filling in microscopic pits and imperfections (imperfections you can’t see without a microscope), creating a smooth outer layer over the top of your car’s paint job. The coating is resistant to weather, bugs, acid rain, chemicals, temperature changes, etc. A ceramic coating Bay City MI can last up to ten years when properly maintained!

When your car is dirty, it isn’t easy to see other vehicles on the road. With a ceramic coating, you will have no problem seeing through your windows, even if they are covered in bugs or bird droppings! A clean car with a great paint job is easier to sell when you’re ready to upgrade, so opt for ceramic coatings if you’re in the market for a new ride.

The benefits of a ceramic coating

There are several benefits to having a ceramic coating on your car. Here are just some of them:

Added protection for your paint job

Your paint job is the most expensive part of your car. With a ceramic coating, you add another layer of protection that will last much longer than wax or polish. Ceramic coating Bay City MI lasts much longer than conventional paint jobs, and it requires significantly less upkeep.

Saves you money in the long run

Configured correctly, a ceramic coating can last up to ten years! This means that if your car is covered in a coating, you are saving yourself both time and money. Not only will you have great-looking paint for several years without reaching into your pockets for a new paint job, but you will also have time to enjoy your car instead of spending it in the garage.

Looks great!

If you’re an enthusiast, the chances are that your car looks great already. A ceramic coating Bay City MI can help you maintain that appearance and make it look even better! Car enthusiasts always want to have a show-winning paint job. With a ceramic coating, you will have an easy time keeping your car’s paint looking great at all times.

It’s easier to maintain!

A conventional paint job needs to be waxed or polished often to look its best. In addition to these waxes and polishes, you also need to regularly wash your car to keep the dirt off the paint job. This is where ceramic coatings come in handy. A ceramic coating can be easily maintained by washing it with soapy water every two weeks

Resists dirt, rain, UV rays, bugs, chemicals, temperature changes!

A ceramic coating is made of quartz, which very well to UV rays. This means that your car doesn’t need to be washed as often, and it will hold its shine for longer. Quartz also has high corrosion resistance. Even if you live on the coast, your car will stay shiny thanks to this great characteristic of ceramic coatings.

A regular paint job is more likely to fade and crack over time, but ceramic coating Bay City MI is much more resistant.

Increases resale value when it’s time to upgrade

If you are looking to upgrade in the future, a ceramic coating will make your car more attractive when it comes time to sell. It is challenging for people to differentiate between regular paint jobs and ceramic coatings in most cases. When it comes down to an appraisal of your car, having that extra layer of protection over your paint job will help you sell your vehicle at a better price.

Tips on maintaining your ceramic-coated car

Even though a ceramic coating is very easy to maintain, you should still remember a few things.

Treat it like a regular car wash.

This may seem obvious, but not everyone realizes that they can treat their ceramic-coated car like any other after they’ve had it done. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or soap when you wash your car with a hose. Use only soapy water, and be sure to dry it off with a microfiber cloth as soon as you’re done.

Regular washes are fine, but clay bar is not!

If you have a regular paint job, there may come when it is necessary to use a clay bar on your car. This should not be done on cars with ceramic coatings. Clay bars are abrasive and not designed to be used with this paint job.

Don’t test the endurance of the coating!

Your ceramic coating Bay City MI can’t take the same punishment that your paint job can. Don’t wax, polish, or wax over the coating because you will likely damage it. You should get rid of any old wax or polish before getting your car coated with a ceramic solution.

Don’t wash for at least 48 hours!

Washing your car too soon after a coating can lead to problems. The coating needs time to bond with the paint job, so it’s best just to wait for at least 48 hours before you wash your car. If you park outside, then this time frame should be shortened to 24 hours.

Don’t use harsh chemicals!

When waxing or polishing your car, be sure that you use only soap-based cleaners. Today, many of the products on the market are designed specifically for ceramic coatings and will not cause problems if used properly.

Don’t remove the coating!

If you don’t want to damage your new car coating, don’t try to remove it. Professional products and methods are available for removing coatings, but even these can cause damage if used incorrectly. If you want your car to stay nice and shiny, avoid anything potentially damaging the Bay City MI ceramic coating.

Don’t replace until necessary

If you want your car to look nice for a long time, don’t replace the coating until necessary. If you take good care of your ceramic-coated car, it should last about seven years or more before needing any repair.

How to maintain a ceramic-coated car?

Maintaining a ceramic-coated car is very easy and doesn’t require special products or methods. Just follow these simple tips to keep your vehicle looking shiny and new

Wash it with soapy water!

The best way to clean your car is with soapy water and a hose. Use only gentle pressure when washing your vehicle and avoid harsh chemicals or soap. Be sure to dry it off thoroughly with a microfiber cloth as soon as you’re done.

Don’t use a clay bar!

A clay bar should not be used on cars with a ceramic coating Bay City MI. It is abrasive and can damage the paint job over time. Keeping your car clean can be done without a clay bar.

Use car wash soap!

The best way to keep your car clean is to use only products designed for ceramic coatings. These products are completely safe and will not damage the coating if appropriately used.

Don’t wax or polish!

It is best to avoid waxing and polishing your car if you have a ceramic coating Bay City MI. These products can damage the coating and shorten its lifespan. If you want to maintain a shiny exterior, use soap and water regularly.

Wheel cleaners are a no-no!

Just like a clay bar, a wheel cleaner should never be used on a car with a ceramic coating. The harsh chemicals can cause damage, and you don’t want your paint job to start peeling off from the wheels. Avoid anything that could potentially harm the coating and maintain it regularly for best results.

Many people are taking the necessary steps to protect their paint jobs today with various solutions. If you have invested in a new car, it’s best to do what you can to maintain it just like your regular paint job. You want to keep your vehicle looking its best so that you can enjoy driving it for as long as possible.

If you take the necessary steps to maintain your car’s ceramic coating Bay City MI, then it will last a long time and look great for years to come. Even if you only get the coating done once, it can still save you money in the future because of its protective properties. Your car is worth protecting, and that is why taking the necessary steps to maintain a ceramic-coated car is essential.

FAQs about ceramic coatings

Q: How long does a ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coatings are meant to protect your car for years to come, even if you only leave it on for one application. With proper maintenance of regular washing and drying, you can expect about seven to ten years of protection from the coating before needing any resurfacing or repair

Q: How much do ceramic coatings cost?

Price can vary depending on the size of your car, but generally speaking, expect to pay about $695 to $3000 for ceramic coating Bay City MI. It will always depend on the package that you choose

Q: Is a ceramic coating just like waxing?

No, waxing is meant to shine your car while protecting it a bit. Ceramic coatings offer a completely different level of protection and can last a long time without replacing. It is a very thin layer that is baked onto your car’s clear coat, which makes it have an entirely different shine from waxing.

Q: Will ceramic coatings scratch much easier than other paint jobs?

Ceramic coatings are much stronger than regular paint jobs and can resist scratches much better. It may be more difficult to maintain the coating occasionally, but there is no reason to scratch or peel easier than any other car if adequately cared for

Q: Is there an option for just the front of my car?

Yes, many companies offer a more cost-effective option for just the front of your car if you only care about the front end and not the paint job. This can save you money on ceramic coating Bay City MI and is very effective for the small areas of the car that get damaged most often


Ceramic coatings are meant to be a protective barrier between your car’s paint job and any exterior damage from rocks or other potential hazards. As long as you use the right products to maintain the coating, then it will continue to protect your car’s paint job for years to come.

Of course, there are professional options available if you want to take your car to a detailing shop and have them apply the coating for you. However, it is entirely possible to maintain your ceramic coating at home with the proper steps. The most important aspect of caring for any exterior coatings is regular washing and drying to remove any dirt or chemicals that could break down the coating over time.

Ceramic coating Bay City MI is meant for protecting your car at all costs and can go a long way in increasing the life and quality of your paint job. If you take care of it, then it will last for years to come and help protect your car from exterior damage and wear and tear.